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Goalkeeping School

The environment that The Goalkeeping Network is most known for would be our Goalkeeping school.  Since 2014 we have been running these programs in Sanford.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced goalkeeper if you are serious about your development, and want the best coaching environment possible; then this is the place you want to train.  

We have age specific curriculums for the different stages of development unique to goalkeepers.  Each session being with a specific warmup or activation period that is tailored to the specific actions of the session on that day. Following the warmup we begin our technical development phase which leads into our functional training. Functional training is where we teach decision making skills based off the cues and trends in the game.  It is here that we separate ourselves from the other goalkeeping academies.  Each week there is a situation that is we create through activities for our goalkeepers to experience in order to develop.     

Demos & Staff Instruction

Footwork & Handling



Our camp environments provide all goalkeepers the opportunity to learn and improve, regardless of their current level of play.  Whether you are an accomplished goalkeeper looking to stay sharp over the summer or new to the position and looking to improve your basic competencies, we have a unique ability to tailor our camp environments to specifically address the needs of all attending campers.  Our proven methods were passed down by mentors who have coached at the highest levels of the game and who have successfully led the most renowned coaching education platforms in the country. 


We are confident in our methodologies, but we do not promise overnight success.  Success only comes from hours of hard work, countless purposeful repetitions and a desire to learn at every opportunity.  We work to instill a focused mentality, a strong work ethic, and an improved sense of confidence that stems from success after many failed attempts.  We are educators at our core and our primary purpose is to facilitate learning environments that progressively guide players through the challenges of the position.  Ultimately, we want to make this week of camp the best week of your daughter/son's summer.   

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