The story behind The Goalkeeping Network began over 25 years ago.  After attending a SoccerPlus Goalkeeping School I quickly developed a love of the position of goalkeeper.  It was the summer of 94.  When the summer was over I would watch and rewatch games from the World Cup 94, paying specific attention to the goalkeepers. I would ask myself what they did wrong and what they did right?  Where were they positioned?  What did they do to make the save and what did they do incorrectly when they got scored on?  This was the beginning of my research, which I had no idea how valuable it was at the time.  I had a goalkeeper trainer, but like the vast majority of people he was not an expert on the position.  He would bring in college players to shoot on me in a variety of situations, mainly coaching them on the attacking side.  It would force me to adjust and adapt to survive, but it did lack something.      

After heading off to college I would work camps in the summer.  I was getting my first taste of what coaching goalkeepers was all about.  I quickly fell in love with it.  I was working camps for the legendary Tony DiCicco who owned and operated SoccerPlus Goalkeeping Schools, the same camps I attended as a youth goalkeeper. He created a camp just for goalkeepers and I was lucky enough to work them as a college goalkeeper.  His curriculum was specific to the position and the technical and tactical demands of the position.  Since I began coaching the model he built and continued to evolve over the years was the basis for everything I do as a coach. While coaching in college I became obsessed with learning more and more about the finest details of the position so I began my coaching education.  This is where the picture became so much more clear to me, this is where I began saying this is what is needed out there to develop our players.  If we impact the coaches then we can impact more players.  

After going through all my goalkeeping diplomas I was asked if I was interested in teaching.  I was caught off guard, but I had some wonderful mentors that challenged me to think about the game from another angle.  I was still quite young to be instructing, but it fueled my desire to learn.  I got to be around some of the best coaching instructors across the country.  I was learning and getting feedback to help me as a coach.  I would volunteer and shadow coaches in professional environments to see if I could pick up one small detail.  I was that engaged when it came to learning about the position.    

In many ways this is a small tribute and thanks to the man that helped me in more ways than I ever imagined. After 20 years of coaching at every level in the US soccer pyramid I decided it was time to take all the information I have learned, experiences I have been fortunate enough to have, people I have been able to meet and develop relationships with, and put it all together.  Welcome to The Goalkeeping Network.


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